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Welcome to Australian Reptile Guide!

This site is an up to date guide to all the reptilian species currently described in Australia, and will remain up to date with recent taxonomy events and new discoveries which still happen each year. It remains a work in progress but we are slowly getting there!

This will be an online reference guide similar to the must have Swan & Wilson 'Complete Guide to Reptiles of Australia' book which is almost essential for any herp enthusiast.

There are a few big thankyou's I need to share, firstly to the photographers who have helped with images, David Fisher, Mark Sanders, Brendan Shembri, Angus McNab, Jordon Vos, Henry Cook, Stephen Mahony, Matt Summerville, Eric Vanderduys, Brad Maryan, Ray Lloyd, Matt Clancy, Aaron Payne and Stewart MacDonnald from Reptiles Down Under who has helped emensly with the distribution maps for the species. Plus many more, thank you again.

I hope you all enjoy the site, it will continue to be updated and any questions please contact me.

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